Character Counter | Letter Count is a free online character counter that counts the number of characters or letters in a text. It also functions as a online word counter and also counts the number of words in the text. It is very useful for journalists writing an article, students working in his job, freelance writers, bloggers, researchers, developers who need to know the lenght of a text, people who prepare your resume and others …

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It is also very useful in marketing overhead, reporters for school assignments, freelance writers, resume preparation, advertising, web design, creation of books, thesis writing, marketing, promotions, web design, creating flyers, writing a thesis, ETC …

Unlike other tools combines the advantages of a character counter traditional with the advantage that it is also an online word counter tool.

This tool is very simple to use, just type or paste the text in the text box indicated orange.

As noted below you type the character counter begins to count the number of characters and words automatically. To clear the text box, simply click on the button: Clean Text

Here are some important tips when using this tool:

– The character limit is 280 on Twitter

-The limit of an SMS text message is 160.

-Google AdSense ads can have 25 characters in the title, 70 in the advertising text, and 35 in the URL displayed.

Inform your friends about this great tool or simply add the site to your favorites so that you have saved and reused.